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2008 - the beginnings of the artistic activity of the rock and alternative polish band FOLYA.
2009 - 2011 - First local concerts, personal changes, casting as a drummer, searching for an idea for their own sound and style of composition, in the power-trio format.
2011 - 2014 - The natural, several-year stage of formation of the band, various concert and studio recordings has crystallized in the form of a dozen or so months long, interrupted in the meantime by concerts and experiments with various members of the band, recording session for the band's first album, which ended in December 2014 r.
I / II 2015 - at the beginning of the year, the band released their own debut album entitled "The Rising" - in addition to the disc, the recordings were placed on the most important streaming websites. "The Rising" consists of 10 tracks of varied stylistics and energy, combining rock, post - metal sound, interesting melodies and English lyrics. The album received good reviews in nationwide Polish music magazines (magazines GITARZYSTA August 2015, METAL HAMMER September 2015, TOP GUITAR February 2016) and titles of the album of the year in two regional, Świętokrzyskie plebiscites. The songs from the album "The Rising" were played on several radio stations throughout Poland.
III - XIII 2015 - After the release of the album, a stable, three-member band was formed (Rafał Baka, Filip Ciuruś and Kamil Wojtczak) and the band FOLYA played at over a dozen nationwide festivals, winning many laurels on many of them. The band also played well accepted club and outdoor concerts.
IX 2015 - publishing the music video for the song "Lovesong" on the network (available on the youtube channel).
I 2016 - FOLYA enriched with the fourth member of the band (solo guitar player Michał Niedzielski) and as a quartet the band continued their concert activity.
I - X 2016 - During this year, the band played dozens of concerts around the country.
XI - XII 2016 - start of the recording session, again divided into several stages, to the second album of the band     titled  W NIESKOŃCZONOŚĆ. The recording director was Łukasz Kowalski, who created, among other albums, the well-known artist in Poland, Andrzej "Piasek" Piaseczny. On the second album, the band decided to record songs mostly in Polish.
I - July 2017 - consistent implementation of the next stages of the recording session and intensive concert activity.
VII 2017 - participation in the largest "Masters od Rock" festival in the Czech Republic, after passing the elimination, which were approached by nearly 950 bands from several countries.
VIII - November 2017 - the last stages of recording to the album "W Infinity" and concert activity.
The beginning of work on the music video for the single promoting the album.

03/03/2018 - the premiere of the POD POWIEKAMI single, promoting the album W NIESKOŃCZONOŚĆ

08/12/2018 - the premiere of the second album W NIESKOŃCZONOŚĆ, which was combined with the presentation of a new music video for the song TYLKO BLASK. Event took place in 'Radio Kielce' Poland.

21/12/2018 - Our album W NIESKOŃCZONOŚĆ is now available on streaming platforms


The band is:

Kamil Wojtczak | voc, guitar

Rafał Baka | bass and backing vocals

Karol Penkała | drums

Michał Niedzielski | guitar and backing vocals


MOST IMPORTANT ACHIEVMENTS (festivals, reviews and music awards

1st place
- ROCKFRONT 2015 festival in Kielce, Poland
- MELODIA NIESIE WIATR 2015, festival in Łęczyce (near Wejherowo), Poland
- MOTOROCKOWISKO 2015, Festival in Rybnik, Poland
- Semi-final of the SHEMAT 2015, Festival in Kielce, Poland
- VI REVIEW OF STUDENT TEAMS 2016 in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
- GIWERA 2016, Festival in Giżycko, Poland
- Festival - final qualifying LIGA ROCKA 2017 in Jelenia Góra, Poland
- WIELUŃSKIE ROCKOWISKO 2017, Festival in Wieluń, Poland


2nd place
- GIWERA 2015, Festival in Giżycko, Poland
- WIELKI OGIEŃ 2015, Festival in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland
- GLIWICKI PORT ROCKA 2016, Festival in Gliwice, Poland
- GRAMY NAD PROSNA 2016, Festival in Kalisz, Poland
- the final of the LIGA ROCKA 2017, festival in Jelenia Góra, Poland


Third place
- MIASTO ROCKA 2016 Festival in Babimost, Poland
- MROCK 2016, Festival in Tarnobrzeg, Poland
- Festival LIHEN 2017 'in Havířov, Czech Republic
- National Review of Musical Ensembles JUWENALIADA 2017 in Tarnów


Honors / Awards
- for the Band and for the Best Vocalist Kamil Wojtczak - GRAMY NA PROSNĄ 2015, Festival in Kalisz, Poland
- for the Band - ROCK BATTLE OF BARCJA 2015, Festival in Bartoszyce, Poland
- for the Band - GLIWICKI PORT ROCKA 2015, Festival in Gliwice, Poland
- Audience Award - ROCK MAY FESTIVAL 2016 in Skierniewice,
- Best Bassist Award for Rafał Baka WIELKI OGIEŃ 2015 in Ostrowiec Św., Poland
- Best Polish Text Award from the Polish Song Festival in Opole at the Festival
UnderGramy 2016 in Tczew, Poland
- Audience Award - MIASTO ROCKA 2016 in Babimost, Poland
- Best Drummer Award - for Filip Ciuruś - GRAMY NAD PROSNA 2016, Festival
in Kalisz, Poland
- Best Drummer Award - for Filip Ciuruś LIGA ROCKA 2017 in Jelenia Góra, Poland
- Best Guitarist Award - for Michał Niedzielski LIGA ROCKA 2017 in Jelenia
Góra, Poland



- Festival GENERATION 2015 in Koszalin, Poland
- International Music Confrontations MUZYCZNA JESIEŃ 2015 in Grodków, Poland
- ROCKwMOK 2016, Festival in Międzyrzec Podlaski, Poland
- Musical review BARABANY 2016 in Bialystok, Poland
- 3rd edition of the ROCKOWANIE 2016, Festival in Radomsko, Poland
- ORLEN MARATHON JAM SESSION 2016, competition in Warsaw, Poland
- RIDE TO ANTENNA 2016, competition in Hajnówka, Poland
- GREAT FIRE 2016, Festival in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland
- ERROR 2016, Festival in Barczewo, Poland
- MAYDAY ROCK FESTIVAL 2016 Festival in Głogów, Poland
- LIHEN 2017 Festival, Czech Republic (multi-stage festival - final concerts in Ostrava, Olomouc and Trinec)
- ROCKOWISKO ZWIERZYNIEC 2017 Festival in Zwierzyniec, Poland

Review of 'The Rising' album in the magazine GITARZYSTA PL. (August 2015 edition), in stock
METAL HAMMER (published in September 2015), in the TOP GUITAR magazine (published in February 2016)
Polskie Radio Kielce plebiscite 'MUZYCZNE MIKOROFONY' - category: ROCK PLATE, 2015,
SCYZORYKI Festival - a statuette in the DISCSET OF THE YEAR 2015 category
We played, among others in these places :
Festival MASTERS OF ROCK 2017 Vizovice in the Czech Republic, MUZYCZNA OWCZARNIA in Szczawnica, club PIĘKNY PIES in Kraków, club SEMAFOR in Skarżysko Kamienna, club PERSPEKTYWY in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, club UNDERGROUND in Sosnowiec, club MIASTO in Bielsko-Biała, Rider's Pub in Lublin...



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